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#324129 - Immediately they picked up the marbles and the shoeshine boxes and we started walking into the school grounds and in the direction of the janitor’s room. And then is when the one next to me said, almost whispering, “Would you let us?” I knew what he was asking and since it was my turn to hit the marbles I just continued with out responding, a minute went by and he ask again, “Hey, what do you say, would you let us?” I was silent and he continued, “Come on, I know that you liked it” and “What do you say?” I still was silent but he kept the pressure on, “Look, you liked it last time and you are going to like it again”. I was waiting for his friend to do the same but he had placed a chair behind me a sat on it and grabbing my hips said, “Come” I looked and he was sitting with his erect cock waiting for me to sit on him.

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