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#118527 - With that Dave waved and 4 more guys walked up, Joe and three new faces, they told us their mates didn't believe them so they thought why not come back and prove it, the girls soon had their cocks out and sucking on them, all to soon they were impaled on new hard cocks, this looked like being a long night for the girls. Lyn & Gretchen were in the caravan when I got back, I told Lyn about the hose, and that maybe her and Gretchen could use it, they took off, both wearing nothing more than a smile, Lyn telling Gretchen what it does and how to use it as they walked off, it was some 45 minutes before they returned, Gretchen giggling about her anal cleaning, Lyn said they shared some good stories about last night's fun when we slept with the others partners. Dave and Joe were meant to be meeting friends, but stayed on enjoying fucking us all, and we didn't mind having more cocks to play with, by now Gretchen & Sue were fully into anything the guys did to them, never once did they s

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