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#200745 - Come on Jimmy, have a drink with me, I'm staying in the rest of the night and you go off duty in a couple of hours, so what's the harm, she asked in almost a pleading voice??? No thanks ma'am, I really have to stay sharp, if it ever got out that agents were drinking on the job, well, I'm afraid it would be all over, replied Jim gently. When she was finally before him in just her white lace bra and panties, she was just like every other woman stripping before a new man, wondering if she would measure up, and would he be pleased!?! Well, Jennifer Boyle had no reason to feel inadequate, because Jim couldn't take his eyes off the magnificent creature in front of him! No, she wasn't some twenty one year old intern, but she was all woman, with lush full breasts, a tummy with just the hint of a paunch, wide hips that tapered down to attractive if not slim legs, and while he couldn't see it from the front, he was pretty sure that her ass would be womanly

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