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#321632 - Steph gave Beth some tissues to wipe my spunk that was now trickling from between her pussy lips, l lay with their heads resting on my arm, neither one had yet sucked my cock so l took the opportunity to ask who wanted to suck my cock, Steph being the one to try anything had her lips around my shaft, she only removed my cock to say it tasted funny, her sucking wasn’t perfect but it was doing the job, l thought she might have stopped when my pre-cum dribbled from the head but Steph was happy to swallow it all even the small amount of cum that l shot. I lay on a blow-up bed by the side of the tent having a lovely erotic dream when the woman from the clubhouse appeared and sat next to me, we chatted and l offered her a drink, she was really coming onto me, making innuendoes placing a hand onto my leg in the end l had to agree that l would go to the clubhouse that evening for a drink, it was then she went, l went back to my dream and was woken by Beth straddling me asking if l was horny b

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