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#418333 - Bob looked at Lynda and she could tell he was very angry before Gene could do something else she grabbed his arm and said ill take the kids to school today Tina is out today cause that teacher still has the mumps she said as she yanked Gene through the door and just as louse was about to enter she grabbed her by the waist and hosted her over her shoulder and put the two in the car pulling out of the ally and driving off. The two stared at each other for a few moments before Bob just said Fine don't tell me he then lifted her by the waist over his shoulder and walked the two to the couch . Lynda smiled at Bob as he lifted the belt over his head Bob stop she yelled as Bob suddenly stopped We need to make this harder she yelled as she pulled Tina pants down to her ankles leaving her in her panties covered bum her panties were small to small for her rely she had forgotten to put them in the wash and had to wash them on hot water to get the odor completely out this had

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