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#341503 - I am mezmerized, and now KNOW, they have done this BEFORE No way could he just out of the blue, suck cock like this on his first try The time they were laughing, the sounds in Kevs room when the door was locked As i waited for them to let me in It all made sense now My cock has almost fully hard, as Ray picked up speed Like a pro, he was going from the tip all the way down in one fluid motion Upa nd down, up and down, up and down, Seeing his spit all over Kevs shaft was hot, Not as HOT as Kevs moms , but hot all the same I continued to jerk off watching my 2 best friends 69ing And made me wonder what i have missed It felt like hours went by, i was lost in thought of what we just did, And going to do Sucking each other off, taking each others load Myself , thinking of fucking Kevs mom Ray was out of breath as he told Kev Cmon, your cock is real slippery with my spit, Get that thing inside me, and Ray moved off Kev And turned around ,got on all fours,wiggled his ass

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