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#376356 - She lay her head on Brenda's shoulder and ground her pelvis and chest hard her friend's body, and when she felt Brenda pushing back, she realized she wasn't alone in her desire to feel the earth move! As the bombing intensified, both women experienced jarring orgasms, and while breathing hard, Monica whispered, I feel like such a tart, but the sound of those explosions make me so randy!!! When Brenda didn't answer, she realized her friend was in the middle of another climax, so when Brenda moaned into Monica's ear as her cunt was racked by yet another cum, Monica nibbled on her ear, driving her friend absolutely over the edge!!! When the siege was finally over the two women left the subway and headed back to Brenda's flat for some tea, and it was decided that it would be best if Monica spent the night rather than make the long trip back to her own flat. At the first whir of the siren, both women involuntarily felt their vaginas dampen in anticipation of

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