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#229284 - My Sister came home and i was ready for her when she came in straight away she came to my room i was on my computer looking at the usual porn Alan she said u wearing mums knickers again yes i said show me i was red but wanted to so i opened my flie on my trousers so she could see the black pair show me more so iundone the buttons and let my trousers fall to the floor showing her my cock in a pair of mums knickers and as she was looking my cock was starting to get harder Her face staring at my cock with her eyes whats that she said pointing to the little bulge in the knickers its my cock i said boys have them she leaned forward to touch it ,,its hard she said i was in heaven a 11 year old toucing my cock only my hands been on it before it felt like heaven just touching through the knickers yo uwant see it i said Yeahh her eyes lit up i slowly pulled down the knickers enough for my cock to pop out Wow it sticking up i wanted to wank it but i really wanted her to do it feel it

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