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#71681 - I felt him probing my tight hole with the swollen head of his cock, it has been a long while since I've taking anything especially a cock in there so I know he, and I were gonna have a great time in a few short seconds under the raining water from the shower head. ! I moaned loudly my eyes now closed, I could hear him moaning too with the combination with the slapping of his wet skin against mine, I bet he had no idea what he was doing to me, my moans got louder. I climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom just as naked as I was the night before, I pushed open the half closed door and watched him shower through the glossy shower door and I smiled broader and walked further in the bathroom, can I join you? The door opened and I saw him looking out at me with a smile and I walked in closing the door behind me and he began to rub soap on my body with his hands then kissed me, I was finding it so erotic I was becoming hard and his hand went to my cock and soon we were lost in

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