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#362212 - My entire body shuddered with electric shock waves, my pussy getting hotter with sheer pleasure and I could feel myself getting wet. I would find myself staring at Mason as he talked to me and I would stare at his lips, getting lost in them and would lower my gaze to look at his chest, then his stomach, and finally down to his constant bulge beneath those cotton shorts. My orgasm had been his undoing! He exploded inside me, completely filling me with his hot, gorgeous cum! He then thrusted hard and deep one last time, closed his eyes and collapsed on top of me… We were both breathing hard and dripping wet, our bodies soaked and still hot from the intensity of our orgasms.

Read Gay Pawn Netsu ni Ukasarete - Original Friends Netsu ni Ukasarete

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I love it so sexy
Mikan shiratama
Karin kokubu
Ophiuchus shaina
Like if you would want to take my virginity