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#192835 - I heard Jan trying to calm her down, saying things like it will be ok, everything will work out, can’t you book another model, well what size are the outfits, no I don’t think Jim would be too pleased, no why can’t you reschedule the shoot, yes I am a size eight you know that, no I am not that pretty, I have no experience, yes I will have to talk to Jim, ticket will be at the Qantas club, right, all right all right, I will do it, yes I will see you at the gate, now stop crying it will be ok, yes I love you to Cindy, good night. My tongue probing the depths of her pussy, juices running down my chin between the folds of her labia continuing to excite both of us as her orgasm over took her, I removed my cock from her mouth, turning around on the sofa I mounted her in the missionary position and gently eased into her pussy and ever so slowly began moving in & out of her moist vagina. Inside the Qantas lounge I found the bar and ordered a glass of Champagne before taking a seat whilst I w

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