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Strap On Bereshiito - Fate grand order Amadora

(第11次ROOT4to5) [廃坑場 (テツコ)] ベレシート (Fate/Grand Order) [英訳]


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#363945 - So after half an hour she started asking her pupils questions, and then she asked a boy named Jason: Tell me Jason what part of the body did i say goes to heaven first? Jason looked at the teacher and said -Well miss you said that it's the soul but it's wrong it's the legs ! -Why do you say that? -Well it's simple last night i went into my parents house and saw my mom screaming with her legs up in the air OH GOOODD AM CUMIINGG!. A school teacher was teaching her first graders about religion and explaning in detail how after death the soul goes to heaven and the body stays on earth.

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