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#330020 - off and the lights and went upstairs and into my bedroom got out my favourite porn flick and fast forward to the best sequence, when I heard a moaning sound coming from Susie’s room, I thought “That little slut has brought home a bloke…. That was it couldn’t take no more and unloaded my balls in to Susie, all that pent up sexual frustration flooded Susie’s pussy, I could feel her cum again as I kept cumming in her, it was the longest orgasm I have ever had. I got to the scene on the porn I wanted and started to choke the chicken, when I heard more moaning coming from Susie’s room, it dawned on me that the moan wasn’t Susie’s, it was another girls, an evil grin came over me, thinking that my younger sister was a bean flicker, I immediately thought “This is to good to miss” I put my robe on and stealthily move to outside her door and quietly turned the door handle and opened the door, remembering that the door squeaked and the only way to stop it squeaking was to lift it up slightly an

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