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#333783 - “Not so fast,” Aleppo said, his malicious smile back in place, “the girl stays with me as insurance. “Do not!” he yelled back, getting irrationally angry, “Besides, you're a girl! You'd only mess it up anyway!” Layfa's temper flared in response to the harsh words, and she got right in his face, screaming, “Would not! You take that back, Link!” “No!” he shouted, his hands involuntarily forming fists at his sides, “You just watch! I can get more than enough to feed all of us, you octorok kisser!” Layfa's head snapped back, as if the insult had been a physical blow, and tears began streaming down her cheeks even as her face went red with fury. to them first, and I'm not going to let that happen to you.

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