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#331163 - Sally must have passed out then, as she came too she heard voices and looking groggily up she saw Mike’s boss and another man near her, this time Mike’s boss came to her, lightly stroking her hair he murmured an apology for what happened but it was unavoidable he said. His boss wouldn’t be happy if she refused and it might even mean Mike lost his job, Sally realised he was being truthful and since the town’s main business, its car industry, had closed more and more people were losing their jobs and having to move away. Then Sally saw more staff enter and each one lead one of the women away, when someone touched her shoulder she jumped and looked up, a maid took her unresisting hand and lead her out of the room to a bed room where Sally sat on the bed without being told too.

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Maribel han
You were so cute with braces but your smile now is beautiful
Rosetta passel
I would like to make a hentai with you
Kenshin himura
I can only count to 10 that s why we only have top 10