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#255551 - He looked down at him as Zack pulled back to suck on the head to get a taste of the cum remaining there, for a few seconds it seemed like he was accessing the taste then he commented, hmm, not as bad as I thought it would be he laughed and Kyle merely smiled as he sat there with a now limp cock between his legs. Zack was now laughing while Kyle was on the verge of panic, he reached for his boxers but just then Zack came over to him and went down on his knees, Kyle's eyes widen while was stepping away but Zack grabbed him and pulled him back towards him and engulfed almost his whole cock in his mouth, his legs weakened abit and he dropped back down in the chair moaning as they looked down and up at each other. Kyle froze his every action as he heard his name call and he looked up to the window seeing Zack standing there a smirk on his face, looked back to the computer screen which showed two men, one on his knees infront the other giving head and he shut down the computer q

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