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#54188 - Fagen asked, is that still the case!?! Of course it is, Marcia replied sadly, who'd ever want a cold fish like me for a wife!?! Why do you call yourself a cold fish, the doctor asked, the inability of achieving sexual gratification for yourself does not in and of itself preclude your partner from having a very satisfying sexual experience for himself, and thusly he would more than likely consider you to be at the least an adequate sexual partner!!! Oh, I suppose so, Marcia replied, but from what I've heard, a man gets a lot of pleasure out bringing his partners to climax, and depriving him of this satisfaction would probably make him at least less than happy with the relationship!!! Of course that's true up to a point, the doctor added, but the driving force for a man in a relationship with a woman is to procreate, and if she has or doesn't have a climax is in many cases immaterial!!! Well maybe to him it is, Marica retorted, but it certainly is

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