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#25218 - Bull and Sissy were quite impressed and the two big black women just smiled with a knowing smile! The other two women, mostly older, and quite buxom had large tits, full thighs and big soft round bottoms they were laying on there backs on a “T” type of wooden support with there wrists and necks locked firmly into stocks that were several feet off the floor a that end, and at the other end was waist high that left them held firm , a wide leather belt was fastened tight around their waists, they then had their ankles pulled straight back at the same level so that they were spread back in such a way that left them doing the splits and opened up their legs so wide that left their slits lips and clit wide open as well and obscenely vulnerable ! Both were quite wet and cum was running out of their cunts and across their ass holes and was dripping onto the floor! both had been helplessly fucked numerous times!! One of the hooded men asked Bull if

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