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#176893 - What should we do with the body’s Steve asked as the last bit of life could be seen draining from Samantha's eye's stick them in my freezer we can butcher them later for the meat Jason said as he started to cut Sophie down to check if she was all dead or just mostly dead. The card's were dealt and the game began, everyone betting 2 blue chip's to start, discarding the throw a way’s everyone received 2 or 3 new card's and better continued, I am in for 3 chip's Jason said throwing 3 blue chip's onto the pile, Check, Check, Check, Raise, the game went on like this for hour's as the tired slave's kept standing on their little stool's. Staring into the blank face's of his friend's he asked do any of you want to back out? all the answer's were the same NO! staring to deal the card's Jason continued we have extra blue chip's so if any one who's slave is hanging wishes to buy more blue ch

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