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#300276 - From high above in the shops rafters, Patches warbled softly, telling Hanna by telepathic means: Do not worry, I will not allow anything to happen to the shop while other matters are being dealt with. Her eyes close and she feels her body heating from the innermost depths, lungs quickening to bring air into her body to meet the growing demands placed upon it as the first small shudders of bliss and pleasure beyond comprehension flow over every nerve and fiber of mind and body she possesses. I give only one order…LET MY PEOPLE GO!” Two minutes later a great wailing noise never heard before in Stars Rift surges over the tempest, gears clang and shift, move and spin as the noise of a fast moving mass grows closer to the great doors holding the tower secure from the outside world…and they are torn asunder, flying hundreds of feet as the great automata rolls forward, its ten massive wheels gleaming in the sun as does the glassed in steel carriage that is its body.

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