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#210226 - The day seemed to fly by, and Barbara had completely forgotten that Deke Banyon was coming in after school, and it wasn't until she heard a knock on the door jam that she remembered their appointment. Come in Deke, she offered, and please sit down, while motioning to the desk in the middle of the front row. Cat got your tongue, teach, the eighteen year old malcontent said insolently, or are you more interested in seeing what's in here, as he patted the front of his crotch!?! A shocked Barbara stammered, Well I never!!! That's right teach, you probably never have, Deke replied while laughing at her obvious discomfort! Y-you can't talk to me that way young man, she spat, I've a good mind to send you straight to the office!!! Yeah, yeah, Deke yawned, while standing up, let me show you what a real man has for you, as Barbara looked on in absolute horror as Deke Banyon proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his erection! When it was free

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