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#63710 - Harry smiled and slowly rubbed his two fingers into Sharon’s pussy, wiggling the tips against her walls, she was just as tight as the first time, slowly he felt her arch her back up and spread her thighs wider, taking advantage Harry slid another finger into her pussy, Sharon had told him that she didn’t think she cold take a cock as big as his without being really worked up before hand, he was more then happy to do it though, this had been what he had done most of his life with women, most had complained about some discomfort when he’d only used one or two before actually putting his cock inside them. Harry watched her ass wiggle as she went out the door. His hips thrusting into and out of her, each time Sharon pulling him back to her with her legs like a rabid animal trying to keep hold of its kill.

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Haruka suzushiro
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So sexy i love their tits who are they