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#230742 - When my daughter was a little girl she got hit by a car and even though she can use her hands and arms, she can’t use them fully so she’s sitting her next to me reading over my shoulder as I type her story out for her, she’s been after me for nearly a year to do this, but it wasn’t until now I knew what it was all about and I’m kicking myself for not going with it when she first asked me too. When he’s done he lets me rest on him, his body is so soft yet rouged, his scent is intoxicating, and his cock, still buried deep inside me, I can feel every movement and even as it shrinks slowly in me, I’m curious so I slowly start sliding up and down him again, he smiles and asks, do you want it again and I shake my head yes and verbally say oh yes daddy, all the time, you feel so good inside me, I wish we never had to pull apart, he kisses me and he starts sliding up and down inside me and when he’s hard he rolls me over and I pull my legs up around him and he is really pounding me like I’ve

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Anna kurauchi
That was funny
Great cumshots gonna have to go with the first alina lopez one just the sexist mouth and eyes
Junko konno
Id love to fuck her ass so bad