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#398072 - does the bastard have my keys leon calm down sweetheart im sure your brother ment to tell you really angry i acted calmly and said im going to come round and get my car mom after harvey drove me to my parents house half way up my parents street harvey said to me keep calm babe please but i dint answer him when we got into the spencer estate i sore my car so i rang the police and said i was sorry i forgot i lent my car to my brother the police man was angry at me but let it go as soon as i seen my brother i so wanted to punch him but all i said to him is i want my keys so he gave me them and i said im so disapointed i thought we was finally building briges but you look like you just dont want a brother he said im sorry leon i looked to the floor and up again and said not as much as i am i thought i finally got my brother back the one i use to know i unlocked my car and went to get in but it was a mess i walked over to francis and said you made the mess in my car you can

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Professor kukui
Damm son whered you find this
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