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#257480 - I cleaned up my cum from the floor, and the bathtub, and I decided to keep the panties since I came all over them to make them soaking wet. I knew this pair was fresh, due to the fact that they were still warm, so immediatly I flipped them inside out to see what Amy's pussy smelled like, and I find a clear, white-ish colored liquid in the crotch of amy's panties! She was getting off before I showed up, what a find!! I took my eager tounge to the pussy juice Amy produced, and it tasted so good, that I almost came at the thought of these panties being the only thing seperating her probably beautiful pussy to the world, and her juices flowing into them! I followed my meal of pussy juice and panty crotch by putting my dick into the crotch, and rubbing my swollen head in whatever was left of her tasty discharge and began going insane with pleasure, punishing my penis with ecstasy by teasing it with Amy's panties and her pussy juices! I came so hard shortly after that, shooti

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