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#179507 - She asked where we were going and i honestly couldn't think straight so i said somewhere quiet took me a while to make a coherent decision about where to park the car because of the attention i received when we got the the school parking lot and stopped i was about ready to devour her but i took my time we went into the back and she sat in the seat giving those eyes that i can never deny, fingers brushing her lips, the other hand resting on her already unbuckled pants giving a look of pure lust and want i reach down and grabbed her sides and bite her stomach getting moan and giggles in return i come up from her stomach to kiss her mouth and neck only to hear a small whine i look and she, with every fiber of her being looked at and said please while wiggling her hips and putting her fingers in and around my mouth i smile knowing exactly what she wanted but want to tease her just a little i ask her what her what she wants, she repeats her pleas and more aggressively caresses my

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