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#300843 - Molly and Samantha were then lead to a set of double door's across from the visitor's room door the sign read Slaughter House entering the room the girl's were horrified at what they saw, of course they had seen lots of processing center's when they had attended high school field trips, but they had never allowed the students to go this deep inside, this close to the hanging meat-cow's that could no longer be called human, walking toward the center of the room there feet turning red from the blood soaked floor, blood droplets falling onto them from the over head decapitated side's of meat on there way to the cooling room. Looking down to the dirt covered young girl lying in front of him I am agent Smith the director of the state female alternative meat program, I am here to help picking the bound helpless girl from the ground Smith then began cutting the girls free of there bindings, throwing a warm blanket over each and helping them in to the back of

Read Gay Binkan Sugiru Miho-chan no Yuuutsu - The idolmaster Namorada Binkan Sugiru Miho-chan no Yuuutsu

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