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#300902 - I sat there drinking some beers and at 9:30, someone knocked on the door. I knew she liked me because about every 5 minutes she came back to ask if I needed anything and each time she talked a little more. I lost both of my cherries tonight to you and I loved every second of it! I smiled and told her, This night is still young Janie and I am going to fuck you every way I can tonight! Janie smiled and giggled and said, OK, you can fuck me however you want! I was there for a week and I fucked Janie every night in every position I could think of! I told Janie more about my wife and invited her to come to the city and stay with us for awhile and she could experience fucking me and my wife as well.

Read Whores [Ailail (Ail)] Onee-san-tachi ga Oshiete Ageru - Original Black Girl Oneetachi ga Oshiete Ageru

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