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#211242 - You stop sucking and slowly stand, looking down at John you slip your fingers into your thong and teasingly slip it down turning so that you block his view and all he can see is one arse cheek, looking over your shoulder at him you whisper ‘would you like to see what auntie looks like?’ John moans low his and moving towards his hard cock but you stop him with a look ‘naughty boys who play with their cocks don’t get what they want’ you tell him starting to pull your thong back up. You can’t help but play with his semi hard cock as you lay in each other arms, ‘Ashley, you’re amazing’ he whispers, you slap him playfully and reply ‘I told you, you’re only allowed to call me auntie!’ as you grasp his hardening cock again, grinning at him you whisper ‘Looks like your almost ready for round two!’ and laugh as you see his eyes widen. Slowly stroking your breasts your breath catches thinking about him in the next room and what you’re now sure you saw earlier.

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