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#115839 - After refitting the sink l decided to call it a day and come back the next day to fit the taps then went to find her, she was on all fours in the garage wedged between the car and wall trying to get something from under a bench, Hilary hadn’t heard me come up behind her the next thing happened so quickly, l lowered my shorts knelt behind her and pulled her shorts down to show off her white bum and fat pussy lips then slammed my cock into her inviting love hole to fuck the very pussy that my wife had come out from, Hilary tried to wriggle so l pulled her arms behind her back so she couldn’t move as l fucked her hard, she was asking in a raised voice ‘what did l think l was doing’, l didn’t answer just fucked her till l shot my creamy load up inside my mother-in-law then when l released her arms l let out ‘l needed that’ got up and told her l’ll be back tomorrow to fit the taps she stay on the floor trying to pull up her shorts. My father-in-law was now home from hospital but still bed

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