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#86370 - ” “And who do I have to blame for that?” I grinned and squeezed her nipples, moving one of my hands down south over her flat tummy, pulling her shirt up slightly and revealing her cute little belly button and the white stripe that went up to her neck. I had no idea what she was so happy about…but apparently I was now a part of some great plan to save the world… (I was going to end the story here…but how about we throw a bit more sex into it to spice things up?) I hauled Korin into the house, bumping into the door and closing it noisily behind me, all the while she was kissing me and shoving her tongue into my mouth as if she hadn’t done it in years. I looked around, still not finding the source of the noise…I looked up, down, left right…nothing.

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Misuzu sotomura
What a gorgeous body
Eli ayase
Mmm love the way he fucks you babe