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#204359 - Still holding the Acolyte by her throat with one hand, Thorvik used his other hand to thrust two fingers into her pussy and one into her asshole. Thorvik knew he had an iron will, but would it be a match against Kalindraa's talents ? Besides her sorcery and demonic powers, the accursed creature had been cocksucking for eons and knew all the sweet spots to exploit and, as if to prove this point, Kalindraa's tongue fluttered over the very tip of Thorvik's cock, battering it with a million subtle butterfly flicks before her mouth bore down on the shaft, sucking with even greater ferocity as her throat squeezed the shaft like a vise made of warm velvet. Were Thorvik (or any man) to climax in any of her orifices, his soul would be immediately condemned to the Hell Harems, where legions of succubi that he'd sent back there, eager for revenge, would inflict all manner of unendurable pleasures and humiliations upon his flesh for all eternity ! I.

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