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#193061 - Last evening the petite brunette had been no exception. She locked her slender ankles together and strained hard on him, forcing him to the max! She yelled, “Fuck a baby into my womb! Fill me with seed! Fuck me like a filthy whore! Yes! Ooooo! My lord! Yes! I’m gonna give you two sisters to fuck tonight! You can keep them naked in your bed all week! They’ll satiate the needs of your body! I’ll teach them a lot of filthy little tricks! Aaaaahhhhh! Please! I want it harder! Fuck me hard and fast! Hard and fast! Yes! Yes! Yes! I adore you!” The thought of enjoying two young, fresh virginal bodies with Eloise as the tutor was too much and he exploded his lust into Eloise’s cock, crammed fuck hole! His ecstasy seemed to last for precious minutes while his seed surged deep into his horny mistress’s pussy. He sucked and drank her greedily until her cries and whimpers became too enticing to ignore.

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