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#249947 - Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yankees2girl: i say we roleplay fucinhigh08: lol fucinhigh08: ok fucinhigh08: what you feel like yankees2girl: up for sum strip poker? fucinhigh08: hell yea yankees2girl: lol bro/sis then? fucinhigh08: absolutely yankees2girl: haha fucinhigh08: ok fucinhigh08: so how old you want me yankees2girl: i dont care as long as your older than me fucinhigh08: lol fucinhigh08: 22 fucinhigh08: lol yankees2girl: ok yankees2girl: lol fucinhigh08: ok you being innocent or slutty yankees2girl: shy but naughty fucinhigh08: nice fucinhigh08: ok so mom n dad are out and i walk in the living room where you are watching TV yankees2girl: yea, just be dominate, not like rapist dominate though, brotherly dominate fucinhigh08: no problem yankees2girl: im wearing that out fit i had on u know pink tank top, shorts, thong fucinhigh08: im n just jeans

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