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#336259 - Yes! Yes! now look at those tits i have my legs crossed and he says now doesn't that little pussy wanna show herself? I close them harder then he says fine! He opens a up his dresser and pulls out some rope and comes up and ties it to my wrists i say please don't Pleaaaase shut up! he yells at me and continues to tie my wrists he pulls my arms to the top of the bed rest thing and ties my arms to it and then goes and grabs my legs and gets another rope i say please don't please! What did i just say shut up he grabs out of the dresser duct tape and tapes over my mouth. Ha now i know what to scream! Wait what i say then the car speeds up and we're driveing like 80 miles an hour. He ties my legs down the same way he did with my arms and my leggs are spread but i can feel so slack so i start kicking around then he says Woah slow down girl you'll get it soon enough then he unzips his pants and pulls out his huge cock and i look at it in amazeme

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