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#51611 - I had never ever thought of Angie in a sexual way even though in the past we had both seen each other naked,but it had just been kids together,my mind had been racing away with itself and i so much wanted to rub myself against Angie,as i turned toward her she quickly turned away,i put my arm across her to get a more comfortable position,for some reason my heart was pounding and i was as nervous as i had ever been,my penis was now throbbing and pushed tight against her little back,although we were both Twelve she was tiny in comparrison to me,i wanted to touch her so much but didnt know how or where i was frozen for what seemed like ages. God this was the best night of my life even though i knew it was wrong,it actually felt so right,i needed to rub my penis so much so i left her titties,the position i was in i could only free the one hand to properly rub my penis,as a rubbed my penis up and down i was also rubbing against Angies nightie and this had slightly moved up her body so i co

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