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#191374 - Changing room's at the back, the woman said brightly and Sarah rushed to the back of the store and opened the door. Models, said the neon sign, flashing green then red, peep show, a seedy bar, then a restaurant, her pace slowed, all around people seemingly enjoying themselves, smiling trying to entice men into dingy dungeons to buy cheap champagne at a hundred pounds a bottle and more, Sarah caught sight of herself in a shop window, the shop bay fronted with the doorway inset, her camel coloured coat, red top and blue skirt contrasted bizarrely with her black boots, she looked hard and long, and saw herself as perhaps others saw her, undisciplined, uncoordinated, she didn't remember choosing what to wear, only the Rhyder account, she remembered the percentage profits but not why she had worn the red with the blue, except they were comfortable. Walking was not easy, in fact Sarah needed Martha's guidance for those first few faltering steps a steadying hand.

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