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#88572 - Work registration, the Police woman explained, You must have permit to enter and to work in Cuba. We can do it here, and identity discs, if you have money? the Police woman explained, Maybe your friends will pay? She went to speak to Carlos and Luis and returned smiling, They have paid for you, Mr Ardiles will do your hair, you, she said pointing at Lynnie, Come with me! Lynnie went first an was shown into a small room where she sat in one of two individual barbers chairs in a facing a counter with a blank wall where you would expect to find a mirror, and the policeman stood with scissors and electric hair clippers ready to start work. ?Look, just get me out of here! Lynnie pleaded.

Read Vip [Hori Hiroaki] Hakuchuumu - Niku ni Otsu - | Daydream [English] {SaHa} [Decensored] Japan Hakuchuumu| Daydream

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