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#254768 - I laid in bed thinking about the experience I had at school and was looking forward to seeing more of her the next day and imagining all the things we can sneak together. It was about 10 minutes before home town and we were still masturbating each other every chance we get she wanted me to kiss her but I thought no way as much as I wanted to it was to noticeable she even told me I could do whatever I wanted with her she was even willing to let me fuck her in the ass, by the end of the day she gave me her Facebook name so I can talk to her online and we parted ways much more happier than we did earlier. At the end of the day Jenny and Rose ended up dating so sadly for me I couldn’t touch any of them, they eventually parted after a few days I know they spent one day alone together but I never got to know what they were up to on that day, I still keep in contact with Jenny now and then weve managed to sneak a kiss and exchange a nude here and there but nothing went to extreme.

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