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#218510 - The three had five hours of sex, sex and more sex, then showering they went to the exhibition, after all they had to spend daddies money. There may be a few mistakes, hope you can see past theres and read the story for what it is Shelley was an only child and in all her 15 year she had been home taught by her mother, she had no real friends, she did pass the time of day with the kids in the neighbourhood but that was all, her only friend you could say she had was Emily, she taught computer, this was something Margaret couldn’t fathom out, so she paid Emily to come once a week for this lesson. Over the following month during each lesson Emily would give Shelley the sex education her parents should have given her, when she had taught her as much as she could she thought a practical lesson would have to come next, but how, Shelley never got out and there was no way she could get a male in the house, but what male, who could she trust with such a delicate matter, on her way home

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