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#137947 - harvey took his dick out of my mouth then he couldnt take anymore he grabbed hold of my head and pulled me back up so i was standing. when i did get hold of harvey i suddenly wasnt intrested in my boxer short anymore i reached over to harvey's face and kissed him he took my hand and lead me over to the bed harvey got ontop of me and started to kiss me even more he was also teasing my ass with his dick moving it up and down my butt crack. i kinda liked harvey telling me what i was going to do so i shouted give it to me i want every drop harvey cummed in my ass so much i thought i was going to faint when he was finished he feel ontop of me took his dick out of me and we well asleep in eat others arms to be continued.

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Miho nishizumi
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Wow love the hair style looks great on you