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#217721 - Well getting my sister pregnant was one thing, but for Sasha l felt getting her pregnant would mean l was tied down, so l just went along with what she wanted to hear then took her to the back of the store room and put Sasha to her knees to give me a long slow cock sucking and she gulped down every last sticky drop l shot into her mouth, once she licked me clean l showed her out the store. He kicked Sasha’s legs apart and stood behind her then forced his donkey cock into her pussy to start fucking her, Martin was lifting Sasha off her feet as he fucked her, he stopped ramming his thick shaft up her pussy and spun Sasha around to start sucking her nipples while finger fucking her then all of a sudden Martin stepped back and punched her in the stomach then did it again. When l was fully up inside her she pushed herself backwards onto my cock and gave another sigh, taking hold of her hips l started to slowly fuck my sister Tina, her breathing got deeper and faster, Tina’s groans and sig

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