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#238833 - When Susan came into view Anna could see she had been crying, forgetting about why she was angry with Susan, Anna stopped her and asked what was wrong, when Susan told her she had been taken to the principal’s office because of a rumour someone had started Anna tried to hide the fact that she knew but Susan realised and started shouting at her. Anna sat up and move Mike’s hands to Susan offering her to him first, as Mike looked at Susan she lay back and took his hands one she placed on her breast the other she moved to her pussy and opened her legs slightly. Turning so he could see the girls showed off how their bikini’s covered very little of their bottoms, on a impulse Anna bent over so the material went tight and almost slipped in between her cheeks, Mike couldn’t resist reaching out to touch her bottom but Anna quickly moved, turning back she looked at Susan who was staring at her with her mouth wide open, looking down Anna realised that her top had come undone and now her breast

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