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#335204 - I then pulled his shirt over his head and started to lick down his neck and then met one of his nipples which my tongue licked circles around and lightly nibbled which Elliot obviously loved as he started to moan and his hard cock was pressing through his trousers and into my stomach which made me drive my tongue down even further and after giving his belly button some attention I started to pull down his trousers and boxers at the same time once they were round his ankles I pressed my lips up against the head of his cock and started to lick his belend, I slowly lick down the bottom of his cock all the way down to the base, I kept going and found his balls which my tongue loved to play with. The lesson finished without any more fun ? but I was gloating as I only had one more night sleep before I got to spend the weekend with Elliot and the kid he was babysitting, O shit I forgot about that detail, how the hell are we going to do stuff with the kid there?

Read Camgirl 【周五连载】渴望:爱火难耐(作者:Appeal&格子17) 第1~17话 Homo 【周五连载】渴望:爱火难耐(作者:Appeal&格子17) 第1~17话

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