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#8040 - Bigger then your Dad used to be! Oh God Mom, I'll be cumming soon! I said, panting. I waited to hear her get into bed, and then I started stroking my hard cock again, trying to stay silent, not that I ever did before, I just presumed my Mom couldn't hear my through the wall, until I heard her telling my Dad, when they were together that is, that she could hear me every night, but I never really cared, but that night was different and I tried to stay quite and succeeded, for a good twenty seconds, I can't help it! I started masturbating harder and faster by the second, moaning louder with every stroke. Everything was going fine until I heard something from the other side of the wall, startled, I stopped for a while and listened in.

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Loni dunamis
Reading this with post nut clarity and i woke my entire neighbourhood with my roaring laughter cheerio
Just the finest ass ever