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#388122 - The first sexual feedback i got from a girl was this girl i use to talk to online we had the usual cringy Facebook relationships here and there but we never actually met i hope to actually bang her in person one day as she lives over 10 hours away but back to when we first met online i just basically chatted to her here and there then things got heated with a game of truth or dare the texting version it all started with how many people we kissed each and moved higher and higher over the next couple of weeks we learned we got very fond of each other we were sending kinky voice messages not to mention nudes and nudes were very new to me as i was still a virgin and shes been banging since she was 11 but she still continued to surprise me she sent me random sexual videos i think the best one she ever sent me was a video of her fingering herself with a tampon then sucking on it turned me on so much even till the very present she sometimes surprises me with nudes. Tiffany and i s

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