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#381784 - i then put my on her skirt zipp and started pulling the zipp down slowly after that i slowly pulled the skirt down and as i pull the skirt down i put my face at her ass and man it felt sooo nice i then took out the skirt and stood up and there i could see my moms ass and her back it was sooo sexy the men were like nice asss nice asss. Well then irubbes her legs with oil and her vagina. Well we then walked down and went to the stairs and to the car well my mom was all quiet in the car and then she said 'after this we are going to a friends house and im sure u know i had sex in the room before this and this is all part of growing up and after this u see and learn how the uncel there have sex and i was like ok.

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Yohko asagiri
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Sarada uchiha
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