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#63116 - my little luv pet I'll get you a fan and we'll cool the outside down but nothings going to cool all the heat in your pussy darlin' except a really good fucking!! And we're soon going to fix that problem! As Snake Lady got back out and left and went and got a fan returning fast as she could be with it plugged it right into the outlet by the head of the table my wife much more relieved now and far more attentive to all that she could see now being mainly me as she said; I love you Snake Lady now know my wife damn sure was wide ass awake and ready now to get fucked as she stood right there beside me but was turned away from us and said; Can U see really good now my little red hot pet? My wife replied; Yessss I cann seee good my pussy is on fire way up in me oh something churning inn there Snake Lady just said; Your lovers here now honey are you ready to see him and fuck him? My wife just wide eyed open now fear in then but deep lust still showe

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