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#344987 -   Turning back into the room Jake watched as the doctor finished examining the latest one hundred that had appeared. Jake Freemon - Main character                                                Rita - older female and one of Juno's sisters Gen - Jakes first Jinn                                                                Tina - Rita's daughter Jinn - What the genies are called                                             Trully -  second Jinn doc Rasmir's little sister Tommy Sinclair - Friend of Jake's and fellow worker            Nyrae - Juno's powerful Jinn   Mary - Boss's daughter                                                              Nuha - Leader of Deadly Trio     Juno - Jakes big Boss and Mary's Father                                 Abla - sister of Nuha member of Deadly trio Jinn Council - Council of major Jinns                                        Fatin - sister of Nuha third member of trio Yasmen - Gen's mother                                         

Read Asslicking Kanojo ga Mizugi ni Kigaetara... - Original Submission Kanojo ga Mizugi ni Kigaetara...

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