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#88666 - The day brought more surprises when she informed me her friend Sheena was in town and wanted a three sum. Sheena’s meat was so big I didn’t know, after some begging and promises Jill convinced me to try and said I was to be tied and take it like the slut she wanted me to be. Laying back on the bed I was still hard, she began to play with my nipples and kissing them working her way back down to my dick, she swung her leg up over my head, I could see her red thong and the bulge it had, with my teeth I pulled the thong to the side and out popped the seven inches of thick meat she said she had, hitting me in the mouth what else could I do, except suck it in, it had been years since I sucked cock and it felt so good in my mouth I just sucked away until she started to squirm I moved and sucked each jewel one at a time, she was doing the same to me now and was moaning deeply.

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